Blue Light Blocking Glasses are an Essential in 2019

Roughly a year ago I really got into research behind sleep, and enhancing my sleep to in turn enhance my wake time! A lot of the changes I’ve made are just discipline related – stay off my phone an hour before bed, don’t spend so much time with screens, get a full eight hours. But the biggest improvement I’ve made was also the most subtle.

I’ve watched Twitch streamers use gaming glasses during long periods of gaming, but it wasn’t until my recent obsession with sleep that I decided to purchase a pair for my early morning video editing and Instagram browsing sections. Because it was my first pair I was looking to spend less than $30, which led me to the GAMEKING Classics made by Crystal Hill glasses. These glasses are a 5/5, 10/10 or whatever you scale to use for comparison. They’re extremely comfortable, affordable, and have made a huge impact on reducing eye strain in my daily life. Be on the lookout for these badboys in all my streams and videos!

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